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The Decorative Tray

Reasons why you need them:

  1. Whether it's a place for the remotes in the living room, or the soap set in the bathroom, it's a great way to draw eyes to an organized space.

  2. Once you decide on a tray, you can still switch vibes drastically by changing what's on it! There's different flowers, different candles, holiday decor, jewelry, books, and all kinds of things you can add to a tray other than the necessary items.

Here is the link to my black cane tray!

I realize my Pinterest has very similar pins across so here's a written recommendation on styling the tray. Firstly, finding the right tray for you! I'm a huge contrast and textures person (personal preference is always key, so take my recommendations with a grain of salt!), so depending on where the tray is resting, I'd find a color and medium that will stick out against its background. This is a very simplified statement because there are so many tones and options; but for example, if you have a light wood table, I'd recommend going with a non-wood darker tray.

If your area is feeling sterile, I'd add warmth through wood or rattan. For a clean, elevated look, marble is the texture you are looking for. Though I enjoy metal textures, I actually hesitate on brass and gold often because depending on the actual tone, it can look tacky or overstated. Again, personal preference is key though!

Secondly, on top of the tray, I highly recommend at least one vase or small container of sorts, as this adds dimension to your tray. I can go in depth on all the different kinds of vases you can add into your home, but I'll save that for a later post! Depending on where you are putting your vase, you want to go for a height that doesn't obscure or overwhelm the space, but adds that extra depth to make it 3D.

Adding greenery will add some life to your space as well. I recommend dried eucalyptus as they are easy to find and easy maintenance, though fresh flowers will add character and fragrance as well. In mine, I added dried lavender as I had some on hand and love the scent. I've also been into the "french country" style for homes so it's a nice touch in that direction.

If you are looking for more personalized tips, please reach out directly on my contact form or email; and please leave a comment if you end up buying and styling a tray for your home!

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