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Trending Style: Japandi

A blend of Scandinavian and Japanese styles.

If you enjoy Swedish meatballs and strolling through large showrooms with budget furniture, you're already familiar with Scandinavian style. It's characterized by clean lines and a no-frills functionality. Stemming from the Nordic long nights and short days, the style emphasizes the ability to let light flow through.

Scandi style also incorporates hygge, the Danish lifestyle trend of wellbeing through enjoyment of simple, cozy living. In the home, this would include wood tones and plush sofas. For décor, add candles, fireplaces, throws. Imagine the feeling of drinking hot tea inside on a rainy or snowy day, and that feeling of calm warmth in a cold landscape captures Scandinavian style.

By now, you may be able to see why the two designs complement each other so well into the style of Japandi.

Japanese interior design tends to be multifunctional and to emphasize minimalism and light as they must work around small spaces in a country with such high population density. As a country that focuses on respecting nature, the interior design follows closely. For textures this includes wood and bamboo. For décor, you'll see plants often incorporated. Interestingly, as Scandi designs have hygge, Japanese design have wabi-sabi, which is essentially the art of finding beauty in imperfection. You'll find details of wabi-sabi in home-made ceramics or natural wood pieces.

Japandi together is a blend of clean minimal with imperfect, natural elements. It's light, but warm-practical, and cozy. Do you think this is your style for home décor? Leave a comment below if it is!

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